Coast of Maine Quilts  – Custom Quilt Making

About Us

Coast of Maine Quilts is a collaboration of patchwork artisans from the Maine Coast who share a love of the art of quilt making. We are schoolteachers, authors, nurses, military spouses, and business women. We carry on the tradition of patchwork quilt making handed down from mother to daughter for generations, using traditional New England pride in craftsmanship. Our work is Guaranteed.

We live in towns around the coast of Maine, but we come together in Bath, the City of Ships. Settlers in our region built the first American ship here in 1607 and people of Bath continue to build ships to this day, 400 years later. It is Coast of Maine tradition to craft things to last for the ages. Every quilt made by Coast of Maine Quilts is stitched with the aim of sharing with you the beauty, tradition, durability, and romance that is the place we call home, the Coast of Maine.

As much as we put a lot of ourselves in the quilts we make, we want your quilt to have a lot of you in it. We know it is difficult for you to commission the perfect quilt to someone you have never met and to convey your desires for color and design. We have devised what we think is the best method for providing you with the perfect quilt for your needs. In collaboration with Thinkerbug web design, we have created a tool for you to arrange fabrics of your choice into traditional American quilt designs. You design it. We piece it, stitch it, and quilt it. We look forward to receiving your design and to our collaboration together. Welcome to the Coast of Maine family of quilters.