Coast of Maine Quilts – Design My Own Quilt FAQs


What material do you use?

We purchase our 100% cotton fabrics from our local quilt shop in Bath, Maine. They specialize in the sale of finer fabrics from respected manufacturers that use high-quality, heavier "greigh goods" (the basic cotton material on which the colors and patterns are printed). These higher quality fabrics make your quilt more durable and make them less likely to experience color fading and bleeding.

Do you sell quilts that are already made?

Each of our quilts is custom made according to the design you create with our design software. We do not premanufacture our quilts and do not have premade quilts to sell. We do not resell quilts.

How long does it take before the quilt arrives, once I order it?

We promise to ship your quilt to the address you specify within 6 weeks of your placing your order.

How can I see more detail in the fabric pattern before I choose it for my quilt?

When choosing your fabrics on our website, you will notice that each fabric is displayed with a small magnifying glass in the bottom left corner. Click on the magnifyer, and you will be able to see your fabric in detail.

Will I get exactly what I choose for my online design?

We will make your quilt to the exact pattern and size you specify in your design (see guarantee/warranty section for a description of natural size variation). We will use the very same fabrics you have chosen. We update our fabric selections regularly to make sure our local quilt shop has the fabrics in stock. In the rare instance in which a fabric you have chosen is sold out, we will try to obtain it elsewhere. If we cannot obtain your fabric choice immediately, we will contact you to ask you if you wish to choose an alternative.

If I don't like the quilt after it arrives, can I return it?

We guarantee our workmanship, so we will readily take back any quilt with a manufacturing defect and repair it to a defect-free condition. Your quilt will be custom made to your design. We do not resell them, so we cannot take back the quilt if you decide you do not like your original fabric choices or pattern choices. We cannot take back a quilt that has been damaged or soiled by the customer (see guarantee/warranty section).

Can you add embroidery?

Yes. We work with a highly skilled local embroiderer. There will be an additional cost, based upon the complexity of the embroidery. Please contact us with your embroidery request at the time you place your order, as the embroidery must be done prior to the final quilting of your piece.