Coast of Maine Quilts


Coast of Maine Quilts wants you to be happy with your purchase. Our quilts are fully guaranteed as to pattern, fabric content, and quality of workmanship. Any quilt that is defective, has defective material, or has defective workmanship may be returned for repair only. As each quilt is custom made to your specifications, unique, and will not be resold, we cannot accept returns for cash refund. If the defect cannot be repaired, we will remake the quilt at our expense.

Wall Hanging Size

  • You will receive the quilt pattern you ordered.
  • You will receive the specific fabrics you ordered. If a fabric is out of stock and out of print after your order is placed, we will work with you to find a suitable alternative fabric prior to our making your quilt.
  • You will receive defect-free stitching.
  • You will receive fabrics that are free of stains or other defects.

The customer should expect the following variability:

  • The length and width may vary by as much as 3% due to contraction with the quilting process (example: 3.5 inches on a 116 inch length or 1.1 inches on a 36 inch length).
  • Fabric colors, tones, and hues may vary under different lighting conditions. Hues may also vary between the computer screen where the fabric was chosen and the lighting where the final quilt product will be displayed.
  • There will be minor variability in stitches throughout the quilt. The quilts are hand pieced. They are stitched and quilted using machines but with a free hand technique. This makes every quilt unique with a handcrafted appearance.
  • Washing will change the appearance of the quilt. Our quilts are washable but with the expectation that a puckered, antique appearance will develop. While we use high-quality fabrics that resist change during laundering, colors may fade or run if the quilt is washed without using an appropriate color trapping sheet in the wash or if the quilt is washed in particularly harsh laundering conditions (example: excessive detergent; see quilt care instruction sheet included with your quilt).