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Anatomy of a Quilt

The Block

A block is the smallest recognizable part of a quilt. The block is repeated throughout the quilt, occasionally rotated or flipped, to create the totality of the quilt pattern. At Coast of Maine Quilts, each block is pieced together by hand and individually machine sewn, taking care to make sure that each geometric shape within the block maintains its integrity.


Sashing describes strips of fabric that separate the blocks to make each block look like an individual window pane. Some block designs look good with sashing between them and some look better without. Experiment with your quilt design to see whether you like sashing.


Coast of Maine Quilts offers two borders on its quilts. The inner border, by convention, is usually narrower, and the outer border is usually wider. You may choose to have only one border or two or none. It is common for a quilt to include only the outer, wider second border without an inner border.

The Quilt Top

Blocks are arranged and sewn together, with or without sashing and with or without borders, to form the quilt top. The quilt top looks exactly the way you designed your quilt, but the quilt making process is not done.


Batting is the fluffy material between the quilt top and the back of the quilt. Coast of Maine Quilts uses batting made in the USA of a cotton blend that makes it warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and has the strength and stability to prevent significant puckering, tugging, and shrinkage.


The backing is generally a single color and pattern of fabric that covers the entire back of the quilt. The quilt top, the batting, and the backing form a sandwich that will become the full-thickness quilt.


The quilting is the beautiful design that is woven into the quilt that gives it its texture and additional unique character. At Coast of Maine Quilts, our expert quilters lovingly place your quilt on a frame and weave the quilting pattern in using a free-hand technique with a long-arm sewing machine.

To the right, second down, see an example of the quilting technique that brought waves of air and water to a portion of one of our sailboat quilts.


The fabric placed around the quilt to smooth its edges is called the binding. At Coast of Maine Quilts, we sew the binding by hand to ensure durable edges and beautiful corners.

Please continue on to learn a little about the Quilt Patterns used by Coast of Maine Quilts