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Quilters' Stories


Wendy has talent. Her keen insight, imagination, artistry, and exacting standards not only make her a top-notch quilter but also have made her an award-winning children’s author. Wendy is a former music and English teacher who has always loved playing with colors, images, and fabric. She completed her Master’s degree by writing a children’s book with fabric collages. Wendy was awarded a National Teacher’s Award for her last book “A isn't for Fox”. Wendy will tell you “I find great satisfaction and personal peace when auditioning fabrics for a project, or creating a new pattern. One is blessed who goes to work in a playground of colors, textures, and endless possibilities.”


Marcia creates magic with the flowing scrollwork that puts the tufted texture into the colorful array of fabric pieces that comprise a quilt. She is not new to this activity. Marcia notes “I have been sewing since I was a child”. As an adult, Marcia has made quilting her full-time passion. “When I am not quilting, I teach quilting to those just starting or more advanced quilting to those who want to improve”

Barbara Jo

When quilting is in your blood, nothing will stand in your way. Barbara Jo overcame carpal tunnel syndrome to perfect her art, from exacting fabric cutting standards to refined finishing techniques. Barbara Jo considers her ability to quilt a “dream come true” and has spent the last ten years teaching quilting in addition to creating dream quilts for others.


Marla is a school nurse with a Master’s degree in Education. She has been sewing since she was a young girl but found her enthusiasm for quilting when she moved to Maine and joined one of Maine’s many local quilting groups. When Marla is not focusing her energy on caring for the health of her school kids, she is finding joy in the art of quilting. Marla will tell you “I love fabric and love the challenge of combining fabrics while piecing quilts. I find peace in my sewing room!”